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One Step Sales at MATE 2016

The Mid Atlantic Turfgrass Expo took place in Fredericksburg, Virginia from January 25th-28th, 2016.  On Monday January 25th, Chris Noon had the opportunity to teach his One Step Sales process to a group of eager learners.  This process addresses the issues that businesses can come across with both their marketing initiatives and sales processes.  To learn more about the Mid Atlantic Turfgrass Expo, or MATE for short, visit today!

One Step Sales Session with Chris Noon

Chris Noon discusses his One Step Sales process, and helps to clarify how business owners can define their value proposition, identify their target market, increase sales efforts and more!  There are numerous impediments that businesses can face in their marketing plans and sales initiatives, and this session with Chris Noon is sure to help clear up confusion and offer direction.  Watch the One Step Sales session and stay in-the-know!

The Importance Behind Enterprise Sales

Sales companies have been misunderstood and misinterpreted over the years. To an outsider, sales is about buying search ad words and reiterating a company’s mission and ideals when in fact the true purpose of sales is to create a new value for the potential customer.

In order to see success in sales there needs to be a well-developed process and guidelines in place that need to be followed. Along with a process and guidelines, enterprise sales should be able to answer the following questions from their potential customers: why buy, why from your company and why should they buy now.

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A Winning Three-Step Marketing Program

Looking to start your own business this year or continue building an already existing business? Make sure you have a marketing and sales program in place for the year 2015!

What’s your 2015 plan?


Small business consultant Chris Noon met with Turf Magazine to provide readers with a walk through on his three-step marketing and sales program that will help business owners achieve the success and growth in their business that they aspire to reach in 2015!

Can Your Smartphone Detect Your Mood?

Just when you thought you’ve discovered everything your smartphone had to offer, it now has the capability to detect and track your moods!

The evolution of Smartphone apps


A San Francisco based company, Inc., has developed an app,, that has the ability to track the fluctuation in moods and assist physicians in diagnosing things like postpartum depression in women after having given birth. The development of has opened doors for other developers to create apps that will assist physicians to diagnose patients that they previously weren’t able to diagnose.

Read more about and the concept behind the app.