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Improve Sales in Three Simple Steps

The sales process is one that certainly has its ups and downs, but it’s important not to lose out on a prospect by failing to complete a few of the most sensible steps.  Chris Noon discusses how following up on a sales proposal is crucial for boosting sales.  Read more to understand the additional steps in turning your sales proposal into a confirmed sale, or at the very least, a learning experience for you and your team.

Turf Magazine also discusses these tips and steps, and beckons the question “how many proposals do you send to clients without a response back?”

Tips to stay ahead of the sales curve in 2016

Seasonality is something that affects lawn service and landscaping companies from being able to perform their most crucial tasks.  However, just because a service or product may not be “in season,” it’s important to continue chomping at the bit and looking for new ways to get ahead of the competition.  Turf Magazine discusses six tips on how to leverage seasonality and hit sales and client renewal goals during the winter months.

On-Demand Service Industry Growth: Amazon and Google Seek to Capitalize

As the on-demand service industry continues to boom, and with an estimated 7.6 million Americans working in what’s being dubbed the “gig economy” by 2020, the juggernauts of the web are looking to take advantage.  Google and Amazon are each working on their own version of a Home Service platform in hopes of offering what existing service-provider websites have been unable to thus far.  Read more to stay in-the-know regarding this untapped market worth billions of dollars.

Angie’s List in the Midst of Hostile Takeover

With the countless number of advertising outlets available to local and national businesses online, it is not uncommon to believe that local advertising has fallen by the wayside. However, this could not be any less correct. Read more to learn how the popular service provider review site, Angie’s List, is currently facing a hostile takeover and competition from top names in internet retail and advertising!

Reasonable People Still Doubting Science

In this day in age everything is based on or around science, yet there are still those people who doubt what has already been scientifically proven. Today, we live in an age where scientific knowledge is faced with furious opposition and controversy. Instead of accepting what has already been proven, people are creating their own conspiracies to explain scientific knowledge such as climate change, vaccinations and the alteration of a virus from person to person.

Why is scientific knowledge still being doubted?