Filling Sales Jobs is Becoming Harder

In 2012 sales reps who sold tech and scientific products had a median wage which exceeded twice that of all workers, according to the Labor Department. After 2012 with the U.S economy on the rise, companies selling technology and other services are finding it incredibly hard to fill their sales positions.


Employers are blaming a number of variables for the lack of filling positions, but one of the biggest variables is that young workers are completely uninterested in sales, viewing it as a risky and driven by competition. Another variable that is hurting employers looking to fill sales positions is that a job in sales has a huge stereotype behind it that “sales isn’t a career, either anyone can do it or you’re born into it.”

Sales organizations today are more focused around teams with lower ranking members identifying prospects and developing an early interest, a team member running through specs and demos, while a third team member focuses on the field negotiations and closing of deals.

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